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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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establishment with a dirty sidewalk and keep the litter and graffiti off the building cover it up right now the graffiti vandal one of the things to keep their tags up as soon as possible if you get rid of it in twenty-four hours they'll eventually stop we have a program giving away bathrooms and license plates we have a team that deals with the merchant throughout the city excuse me. and basically, their bringing outstanding merchant to us letting us know who is basically a team player and keeping their sidewalks in front of their businesses clean and beautiful there's me that is, we do we go out and do group set up and all kinds of festivals earth day and clean
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events giant games inside the stadium and we basically do you outreach trying to get people to pledge and do their part of keeping sf clean give a ways we give away auto graphed baseballs we have raffle we do the raffle drawing we relay he would off 6 ipad minnesota and ticketed and auto graphed baseballs and actually raffle ravel off a 3 thousand bike ticket we're coming to the end of the prizes by the way, r by talking about new prizes coming up starbuck's
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we had a teamster with them where basically, the employees helped us to buy the tools and did a full day of clear up with starbuck's the san francisco giants and clear channel and lamar teresa they were involved in the coastal clean up in september okay. i'm going about to take questions before i do that i'm going to do something a little bit different i want to make sure that everyone has a green ticket i'm going to be doing a guest drawing the lucky one is going to get this gift bag and commissioners you have a ticket its way less than $25 i have more ticket stubs than we're giving us out i'm going to pick
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a you couple of them and the first one raise your hand 513 are the last 3 numbers anybody. >> monique all right. monique congratulations arrest you're going to love everything inside >> okay. >> so, now open this up for questions if anyone has questions about litter graffiti or sf sweep i was thinking about one how to explain the suspicions how we rigged this the joint. >> yeah. >> thank you so may be actually debbie do you want to segue. >> i can do two. >> oh, yes.
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>> all right. colleagues thank you very much. >> okay. >> questions about the clean sweep initiates commisssioner finkle oh, sxhoinz sxhoinz is it to have a certain amount of goals or things. >> we want to beat what we did last year basically those numbers were presented from the beginning of this program february of 2013 we want to beats every year we know how many people we're going to february to february to increasing the numbers the people that commit to signing the pledge people that will join
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us our clean sweeping and people coming from district 10 to do a clean in district with only we want people to do their part and pitch in to keep san francisco clean green and beautiful and the mayor wants clean by 2020. >> commissioner king. >> sxhan commissioner king. >> is it true when you go to the schools that is spearheaded by the fantastic sf fire department. >> that's totally try. >> i didn't hear that in our presentation what schools engages those kids arrest the department of investment lamar the best partner going out and getting us into the schools we
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gov. both do them. >> you all didn't know there was a fourth r reading writing architecture and recycling. >> commissioner wald. >> i know you target the schools dow do you target accident schools there's nos like hot spots for sanctity issues can people report it to have a to be a targeted neighborhood or school. >> if i understand we tarmentd every neighborhood the tenderloin is basically a hot spot and at department of public works we basically start out in the tenderloin a lot of the sweepers from around the city and the department of the environmental services can go into this more but basically before those workers go out to their areas they actually go to
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the tenderloin first, we have your alley crew in the tenderloin that's stuff we're doing not part of the promissory note program but, yes we try to go to schools thought the city and we partnered with a company called elizabeth rat an online service through init is a gram the students we dealt with last year giving the presentations with the department of environment we're basically going back like the middle school we did the presentation for the sixth grade class now phase two to do the interact active component the entire 7th grade will be there for the presentation and each class will compete each other nor prizes basically go out for an hour a
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week taking photos and pimp up litter and take the photos and create art shows from the trash they've picked up and go back to the classes or go online to elizabeth other and looking at what they public comment is closed picked up like the mcdonald they can historian tag and a at mcdonald and see where the cups are picked up in literally rot there was one school involved they noticed a lot of what we were picking up what the paper the stray papers they convinced the school to purchase extras one way or the other without the paper wrappers to try to help this way the
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scott taylor's students can analysis what transparence it around and go to a starbuck's or mcdonalds and ask hey, we've got a lot of your stuff how can you help. >> i'm a small business owners in san francisco i know that a lot of folks like myself have employees that are going back looking to do something good ways to go volunteer or have a volunteer in the afternoon we're not starbuck's in terms of a tool kidded for a group like that okay. i'm going to give 4 hours where it is simple i don't have to necessarily get on a schedule or sign up nor small business something if there's a way to do it on our own to make sure we count it as a giant
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sweep is there something like that. >> everyday we have a lot of small businesses that are earthquake early warning system us and basically president to do their own clean up and every friday some south of market we supply them with the tools and we'll go out there and help them out 45 or 50 people we'll pick a day and basically pick up the garbage bags we do that lined up we have a couple of i have companies that do it every friday some small and some large we have. >> schedule so guys know exactly where to leave the bags we have those orange giant sweep bags and they know they can clean up we go and pick up if we ask if peer not involved
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agreement and you want to do on your own report you how many volunteers and bags you clean up we log it in can i ask one quick question this is a critical one about the raffle that before folks leave is there a potential to get another one of them the item bags? because the reason i say because among the sf d family there's no person more deserving than her hard work than monique she does so much work (clapping) knowing for our guests maybe we can pull so someone in the audience we can get their name
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and send them one is this a hit with the crowd so although through your tickets when i didn't win that would that be cool >> i with only brought one i can give them this one. >> okay. i know where to find mine. >> exactly and everyone has their tickets make sure we have a higher numbers. >> i believe all the commissioners have tickets so if i call our number act like i didn't okay. >> what? we'll be sitting here thinking about the environment >> you want the members of the community to win and monique. >> yeah. mammogram is monique
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is taken care of so i'm going to start calling those out the first one the name is a green ticket the last 3 numbers 584 going to have to do this quickly and last 3 numbers 521 576, 538, 547, 579, 583. >> look at our ticket. >> does everybody have tickets?
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564, >> yeah. >> all right. (clapping) we have a winner congratulations and we'll get you yourself all right. does that work for you president yeah. >> that was great and that may have been the first for sfgovtv raffle ever for sfovld thumbs up means yes. >> we do it all the time participate and all right. public comment thank you so much public comment on the giant sweep initiate public comment yes. >> first, i want to say that it is for the education it is
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substantial it has to be around schools i came here not for that but to ask to work the starbuck's and i don't go to sprubz but have friends there they automatically gives this plastic paper i was going to sit inside and had to ask for normal cup and they were working out everybody was sitting inside had plastic or paper cup i don't know about all the businesses but i go to public places and you get normal cups okay thanks. >> any other public comment seeing none, public comment is closed thank you very much
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(clapping.) next item is the (inaudible) commission president urgent (inaudible).org environmental (inaudible). >> thank you very much colleagues as we welcome antonio diaz their executive director when we come out to the community we want to obviously share what's going on with the department but we're learning tonight i know when it comes to organized working on the ground promoting opportunity empowerment and building leadership and getting a handle on what's happening in the community and promoting environmental justice when you come to the neighborhood there's not a better organization than with them we're lucky to have they're executive director here
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tonight and let's welcome him anthony diaz. >> thank you, president and director rafaeli have a few handfuls in the presentation i apologize in order to save paper i've put 3 slides on one sheet we'll make copies available to the department thank you. i thank you. i'm anthony diaz thank you for your the opportunity to be here with you this evening since 1991 we've been organizing with the families and youth in san francisco to put into a practice people powder seclusions that are community lead i want to talk about our community resiliency and the empowerment work in our southeast
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neighborhood but first mention the problem we're addressing through the work we're doing oufk you know our neighborhoods in southeast san francisco are heavily impacted by environmental and economic and social inequalities those are the result of a long history of poor land use policymaking that have hurt community of color in particular we can't meet in the mission without talking about the current crisis of gent indication the as mentioned before the previous presentation that not only is san francisco as a whole as the tab both facing the pressures but the mission is grounding ground zero this is hard to read in the mission right now the medium for
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a one barroom apartment is $3,000 so this is an example of a kind of economic impact we're feeling in the neighborhood as well as a lot of evictions that are displaci displacing working class families i've mentions in particular from the mission once again i apologize this chart is hard to read but the mission has the highest number of ellis act evictions displacement is a public health issue and an environmental justice issue and disparticular time is a climate issue because of the impacts there's been shifts in the population of the may be ass as you can see from
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234506789 to 2010 the latino population in the inner mission doctors by 10 percent even though the population of latinos has dlrd decreased in the mission district grown in the tenderloin and hunters point for example, regardless the population shifts the mission district remains the krltd heart and soul of the latino community you see is intoouk the building not van ness but on mission and 44 accounting street i definitely feel the presence of a vibrant communicated very important in this context for us is also the environmental and environmental health impacts we see in the neighborhood based on stationary and non-stationary pollution sources
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for example, a map of the pollution and the freeways you can't quite see it but the higher pollution levels is closer to the freeways but the ratio of demographics the higher the people of color in those areas as we know environmental impacts has been stated are disare proportionally faced in the community of color i'm sure you're aware of this has specific health impacts asthma and other health issues that heavily impact the residents in our neighborhoods other important correlation to go make around vial impact and health is also we're beginning to grapple with increasing with the impacts of the climate change there's a could
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recommendation around the vial impacts and climate mobilities so for example, this is a map that shows the cumulative 1r50ush89 score by looking at the percentage of the percentage of tree canopy and the percentage of elderly living alone and the temperature change and other things the reder areas have the higher vulnerability dense i did population so once again i'm not here to sort talk about the bad stuff i think that the commission and the department knows those things and you are all gap el about how to make san francisco a safer and a cleaner city but you want to talk about the issues being
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addressed the work we're doing to put into from the people powder solutions for the environmental sustainability and community resilience and economic justice and we're doing that through one of our campaigns the pueblo speaking the people and the lots together and really putting public land in people's hands to meet the neighborhood priorities those are photos of a park open 23rd and fulsome right by here contemplated vacant lot we worked with the residents to turn it is one of my colleagues mentioned about the lack of open space in the mission this is one the bright spots few of the parks that children's parks in the neighborhood that was recently built
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we do this work through door to door engagement neighbor to neighbor talking to the folks and getting them involved in the community issues through getting folks to create those local solutions we know that people who live, work and play in the neighborhoods are the best planners for their neighborhoods so we we work on the community side to raise our voices and make sure that through community advocacy that we are informing city agencies and policymakers about what we need from the ground up even a city like san francisco it is too often from the top down with this it has relative for example, us seeing new park and
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housing here in the mission at 17th and fulsome new housing at 19 and mission down the street new urban farms we've worked with the folks in the neighborhood to get the city to purchase land or dedicate land for those efforts but i should say the practice we want affordable housing but we also want green healthy housing we recognize that san francisco is to be a leader in the being a green city that all those projects sprouting ulcer up in the neighborhoods need to be developed with that important land and your department plays a key roll other works we're investing in creating the community of practice of working with one
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another to build a neighborhood resiliency we work with our neighbors to work with healthy plants and learning about food traditions and building and fixing bicycle and as well as working with the tech assistance provides to share and learn critical compost and rainwater things those are important we can't wait for the policies to are implemented for the city to reopened we can start demonstrating now with the contingency resiliency looks like at the same time, we do the practices on the ground we're also moving policies to help with public investment for workers and community this is an example of a report we did with the xroir neighborhood we the
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community assessment we did over 20 community groups in spanish and tagalog and chinese to get the development needs in the neighborhood and out of that came some city funding quite frankly to do the deems project that brings together the worker rights and education of investing in policies that provide career opportunities for residents and the employment for port services and building economic assets in our neighborhood in particular that has focused on the could open community cooperation and incubation it is ruled in our members last year launched a catering mississippi license number and other members launched another food
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establishment for the food this evening and as well as other used bikes and fixing skills to young people and giving away bikes to low income residents in the neighborhood and really developing and promoting a vision of alternative transportation modes and having an impact on our environment and in doing the work we're reenvisioning what the green jobs and having a green economy it's not just a hard hat it's day to day work from the grassroots from the bottom you will u up beside our local work such emerald city and the california justice alliance to
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build to scale emerald city securing the high road jobs in the excelsior with the california adjust alliance prompting studying jobs and just policies that support the local work for on the groups across the state of california that are involved ♪ closing i am most recently in those presentations i've been closing and director raphael closing with a quote an immigrant woman from pueblo mexico who said in one of our meetings if i were the mayors we were discovering the talents our community maybe economically poor but rich with talent that be under that utilized with you
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should create an equal local economy i'll add a kwaeshl local department as well thank you (clapping.) antonio there's so much going on and so much work going on we're learned about and being a neighborhood e neighbor of the secret garden we had the mission housing folks in the back working for the thanks for the outreach to transfer the garden to continue that effort so there's so many things to happen to advance the vision so i'm glad we all got to learn >> thank for the opportunity. >> questions commissioners commissioner king. >> you know you guys are


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